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Patient jumps from polyclinic's window in Zhaiyl district

A patient jumped from the fourth floor window of a polyclinic in Zhaiyl district of Kyrgyzstan. He died. Baktygul Mamytova, Health Care Coordinator for Chui region, told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, the patient, born in 1954, came to the family medicine center at 8.15 with a prescription from a neurologist. «A nurse went out to prepare medicines for an intravenous drip; he had not received any drugs yet. There was no one in the room. There is a surveillance camera, everything was recorded, law enforcement agencies have already watched the video. Probably, the man was preparing for suicide, without hesitation, he immediately went to the window and jumped out. Perhaps, he had a severe depression,» suggested Baktygul Mamytova.

The man lived in Kara-Balta alone, his son lives in Russia. He is a disabled person of group II, a citizen of the Russian Federation, but lived in Kyrgyzstan. In 2016, he had an acute cerebral circulation disorder, postinfarction cardiosclerosis.