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Eritrea - world's most censored country

Eritrea took the first place in the list of 10 countries with the most stringent media censorship. Report of the Committee to Protect Journalists says.

Eritrea is a state in East Africa on the Red Sea coast.

DPRK (North Korea) takes the second place in the list, and Turkmenistan — the third.

They are followed by Saudi Arabia and China. Vietnam takes the 6th place. The top ten also include Iran, Equatorial Guinea, Belarus and Cuba.

The list was reportedly compiled on the basis of a study of the authorities’ tactics «to restrict freedom of the press»: prison sentences, repressive laws, surveillance of journalists and restriction of access to the Internet and social networking sites.

The committee also assessed countries for the presence of jamming of foreign broadcasts, blocking of foreign correspondents, surveillance of journalists by the authorities and restriction on their movement.

There are also requirements for obtaining a license for journalistic activities, restrictions on electronic recording and distribution, targeted hacking or trolling campaigns among the criteria.