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Kyrgyzstan to use oral morphine to help children with cancer

Oral morphine solution will be used to help children with cancer in Kyrgyzstan. Executive Director of Pomogat Legko Public Foundation Dinara Alyaeva told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, it took the foundation three years to register oral morphine in the Drug Supply Department. Certificate was received in July.

«We expect the first delivery until the end of 2019. Oral morphine solution is a drug that is used to relieve severe chronic pain, especially in cancer patients. We registered the drug specifically for children. It is a liquid, patients can just drink it without injections and other procedures. Oral morphine can be used not only in oncology, but also in burn wards, traumatology,» she said.

Dinara Alyaeva fears that the foundation may not find a supplier of the drug — a pharmaceutical company. There is no commercial benefit; the drug is not often prescribed.

«We are looking for a pharmaceutical company now that would like to do this not so much out of commercial interest, but to help others. At the same time, we are thinking about facilitating regulatory documentation. There is a number of organizations in Kyrgyzstan involved in the provision of palliative care. If they are allowed to distribute oral morphine at the legislative level and are officially allowed to supply the drug, this will solve the problem. Another option is inclusion of oral morphine in clinical protocols,» she said.