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Commodity prices growing in EEU countries, except Armenia and Kyrgyzstan

In July, compared with the previous month, an increase in consumer prices and tariffs has been observed in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. The exceptions were Armenia, where a decrease of 1.9 percent, and Kyrgyzstan — of 0.1 percent was registered.

According to the National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic, in July 2019, in contrast to December 2018, the maximum inflation rate (3.1 percent) in the consumer sector of the economy was registered in Belarus.

Since the beginning of the year, prices and tariffs for food products (including alcoholic beverages and tobacco products) increased by 6 percent, non-food — by 2.4 percent in Kazakhstan.

The maximum growth of tariffs for services — by 4.8 percent — was registered in Belarus. The maximum decrease in retail prices for food products was observed in Armenia — by 4.5 percent. Prices of non-food products fell by 2 percent in Kyrgyzstan.