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Efficiency of single services market of EEU to be improved

It was proposed to increase the efficiency of the single services market in the Eurasian Economic Union. Such an idea was voiced at a meeting of the Advisory Committee for Entrepreneurship at the headquarters of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

«It is not the commodity market that makes the greatest contribution to the formation of GDP in all countries of the EEU, but the services market. That is why it is especially important to increase its efficiency and create optimal conditions for the work of entrepreneurs,» Timur Zhaksylykov, Member of the Board (Minister) for Economy and Financial Policy of EEC, said.

Currently, the single services market regime in EEU is extended to 53 sectors and covers about 57 percent of the services produced.

Following the discussion, it was decided to focus on the introduction in the national legislation of the rules for functioning of the single services market of EEU and cooperation of the authorized bodies of the union’s states in conducting control, supervisory and administrative proceedings.

«In addition, participants of the meeting considered approaches to simplifying business conditions by improving customs regulation, ensuring recognition of electronic digital signatures of participants of the foreign economic activity from various EEU countries, as well as liberalizing coastal road transportation in the EEU and simplifying the rules for confirming the origin of goods in preferential trade agreements,» statement says.