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SCO manages to cope with extremism, terrorism and separatism

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization was able to cope with extremism, terrorism and separatism. A Senior Researcher at Taihe think tank Yifan Ding announced today during a video conference.

According to him, the SCO has managed to prevent the actions of three forces — separatism, extremism and terrorism. It played a huge role for the population of the region not to succumb to the provocations that emanated from extremist forces.

«They were left without any hope. It managed to knock the ground from under the feet of the extremists. There is great hope for economic projects that the SCO is promoting. However, the United States create problems for its partners and threaten with these or other restrictive measures. If everyone starts to resort to conservative measures, then the world economy will be plunged into chaos,» said Yifan Ding.

He added that investors were looking for opportunities to implement projects.

«If we succeed in improving the integration processes within the framework of the SCO, a positive incentive will be created for investors,» Yifan Ding stressed.