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Girl from remote region of Kyrgyzstan takes fashion world of Russia by storm

Kanykei Batyrova is on the list of successful migrants from Kyrgyzstan in Russia. The delicate-looking girl turned out to be stubborn and strong in spirit. Despite the difficulties, she did not break down in the big metropolis, but took the fashion world of Moscow by storm, creating unique and delicate images of Muslim clothing.

She recently held the Moscow International Fest fashion festival with participation of famous designers from Russia. Currently, she and her team accept applications for the second round.

The girl from the remote Zhashtyk village in Batken region, located on the border with Tajikistan, told 24.kg news agency how she manages to run a business in Bishkek and Moscow, not forgetting about her family.

— Kanykei, tell us how and when did you leave for Moscow?

— I went to Moscow at the age of 20, when I studied at the Kyrgyz State National University to become an accountant, in order to achieve my goal. I had different jobs until I made a start-up capital. I gradually became a partner in a small business in the field of food and trade. I myself opened a freight company. Two years later, in Moscow, I have earned my first million. But business sphere is not easy. There was an attempt to create a business in Bishkek, but I had unscrupulous partners, as a result, all my attention was again focused on the business in Moscow.

— And how did you get the idea to create images for Muslim women?

— I myself wear Muslim clothes. I often had difficulties in choosing them: they all were dark, had large sizes and were expensive. It was especially difficult to find suitable clothes for a business meeting. When I came in long and dark clothes, I was not taken seriously. Therefore, I wanted to create a classic and at the same time feminine image for Muslim women at a more affordable price.

Dressmaking is my hobby. My interest led me to well-known designers: first, to improve my skills, I studied with a Chechen designer, then, when I decided to get into the fashion world, I went to Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

Three years ago, I opened my fashion house in Moscow. When I saw that many girls want to learn dressmaking, fashion modeling, I developed a training program.

There are 15 people in the fashion house of Batyrova in Moscow now. There are also residents of Moscow among them. They teach at our school.

Not only compatriots come to us, but also representatives of other countries and the locals.

Our graduates can create their own clothes at the end of the course. They get a job in a good dressmaker, run workshops, some become designers.

— Are your clothes sold only in Moscow?

— No, we ship clothing all over Russia and to the CIS countries. We also sale on the Internet.

There is a house of famous designers from the CIS in Moscow, my works are exhibited there. In addition, you can see them in our fashion house. I also plan to open a boutique in one of the shopping malls.

I work on a new collection now.

— What difficulties did you encounter when opening the business in Moscow?

— The main difficulty in any business is the team. It is very difficult to find, to unite into one group responsible and conscientious employees. The people, who worked with me even when I could not pay them a salary, work with me now. I never forget such deed.

— How did you manage to get into the fashion world of Moscow, to make friends with famous Russian designers?

— If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best. Therefore, at the beginning, I decided to take a course in the most expensive and prestigious fashion house of Vyacheslav Zaitsev. Learning from him, I received an invitation to participate in the festival in Kazan, where I was awarded Original Style award.

I respect Vyacheslav Zaitsev very much. He is a legend. Despite his age, he is still working, he can often be found at work.

— Your festival Moscow International Fest has created a furor in Moscow. You have, probably, surprised many people with your organizational skills...

— I have devoted a lot of effort to the implementation of my project. We have managed to collect 20 designers from around the world on the same stage. Vyacheslav Zaitsev and Igor Gulyaev were among the guests.

The festival was held in three directions: European, Muslim fashion and young designers. I think we created an excellent platform for young designers to show themselves in the international arena together with experienced designers.

Kyrgyz young designers also took part in the festival.

Many were surprised when they learned that a delicate migrant girl from Kyrgyzstan, through her work, without sponsors, held such a large-scale event.

I planned to hold the second fashion festival in Bishkek, but, unfortunately, I did not find support. I think that in the future it will be possible to live out a dream and hold an international fashion event in Bishkek.

By the way, the goal of the festival is to open access for novice designers to the fashion world. Therefore, participation is inexpensive.

The second Moscow International Fest is planned for August. We are negotiating with partners from Germany and Italy.

— Do you prefer to work in Moscow or Bishkek?

— Considering my marital status, it is more convenient to work in Bishkek, of course. Therefore, a year ago I opened a fashion house in Kyrgyzstan. Now I live between Moscow, Bishkek and Osh, where I visit relatives of my husband.

But my main job is in Moscow, since there are many opportunities in Russia, and moreover business there is more profitable. In Kyrgyzstan, even when I perform my duties as a daughter-in-law in the house of husband’s parents, I constantly talk on the phone. It is the only way I can manage the business being away. I am grateful to my relatives for understanding and support.