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Taxi driver from Kyrgyzstan saves man from fire in Yekaterinburg

A taxi driver from Kyrgyzstan helped firefighters in Yekaterinburg and saved a man during a fire in a multi-story building. He told reporters about the rescue operation.

Media report that Bobur Karimov works as a taxi driver in the capital of the Urals. He saw a strong fire as he drove by and heard someone calling for help in the fire. The man climbed to the roof of the house and held a fire hose, which helped a local resident trapped in the fire to climb down to the air conditioning unit a floor below.

«I came here by car when everything was already burning. The guy shouted: «Help, help,» and I immediately went up the stairs and met a fireman and offered him help. I tied the hose at the top and was able to pull the man out,» Bobur Karimov said.

An apartment on the top floor of a high-rise residential building caught fire on Soyuznaya Street in Yekaterinburg on May 7. Fleeing from the fire, a man fell from the window. He climbed over the balcony and hung on his hands, but could not hold on and fell down. The victim fell on the roof of the store, medical workers were unable to save him. Locals said that it was difficult for fire trucks to get to the apartment building because of the cars parked next to the house.

«So much equipment arrived, ambulances, firefighters, rescuers. Nobody did anything. This is explained by the fact that parked cars were in the way. Are human lives really worth these cars? It’s very painful and terrible to see it with your own eyes,» resident of a neighboring house told.