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Sooronbai Jeenbekov promises no uranium mining in Kyrgyzstan

President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov promised that uranium would not be mined in Kyrgyzstan. He stated this at a meeting with the judges of the Constitutional Chamber. Press service of the head of state said.

«We must transfer to the next generation a unified society, a law-governed state. We have to preserve clean, green nature. Taking this opportunity, I want to say that the issue of uranium mining in Kyzyl-Ompol area of ​​Issyk-Kul region is acutely discussed in society. Our citizens are concerned about this,» the head of state said.

I will definitely say that there will be no uranium mining in Kyrgyzstan!

Sooronbai Jeenbekov

Sooronbai Jeenbekov stressed that he as a president tightened the requirements for subsoil use, problems of the sphere were discussed at the Security Council’s meeting.

«When issuing permits for subsoil, the interests of the state and the public were not taken into account in many cases. On the contrary, the interests of a narrow circle of people, some groups of influential people were put above all. A common purchase and sale deals flourished in the sphere of issue of licenses, like in a bazaar. Therefore, in 2018, I proposed to carefully analyze the issue of licenses and make an inventory, in simple terms, a moratorium on the issue of new licenses was imposed,» said the President.

The head of state assessed the situation in Kyzyl-Ompol as a result of a mess in the mining industry, and willful policy.

«I repeat once again — uranium will not be mined in Kyzyl-Ompol. Frankly speaking, such a big resonance in society occurred because of the indifferent attitude of the government to this issue. Accordingly, unrest arose from scratch. At the time, when we are preparing for the next tourist season and our pearl Issyk-Kul will receive tourists, I would assess this commotion and hype as malicious action aimed at undermining the season and collapse of the tourism industry. Therefore, I appeal to compatriots, civil society, the media that there is no reason for concern. You have shown your active position, we have once again proved that Kyrgyzstan is a country of an open civil society,» the President said.

«With some delay, but the government decided to stop all work in Kyzyl-Ompol. The Parliament, having discussed this issue, expressed its position. Our beloved Kyrgyzstan is a country of clean ecology, clean water, clean air! We all together will not allow damaging our nature! We will keep it like the apple of an eye!» Sooronbai Jeenbekov stressed.

The press service informed that over the years of independence, more than 2,500 subsoil use licenses have been issued. Hundreds of cases in the sphere of subsoil use have been initiated, but many have not been brought to an end over the past 8 years. In accordance with the decision of the Security Council, work is underway in this direction.

Recall, YurAsia Company was going to develop Tash-Bulak field of Kyzyl-Ompol group of uranium-thorianite placers. It was planned to process it at the Kara-Balta Mining Plant. However, Kyrgyzstanis are categorically against the project. Protests against the development of the field took place in Bishkek and Balykchy.

The company’s license for exploration of the deposit was temporarily suspended. Deputies of the Parliament have instructed the government to ban the prospecting, exploration and development of uranium deposits in Kyrgyzstan.