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Emergency Minister urges to make Kyrgyzstan full member of IAEA

Emergency Situations Minister of Kyrgyzstan Boobek Azhikeev asked to make Kyrgyzstan a full member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). According to the press service of the ministry, the appeal was announced at the 65th session of the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which is held in Vienna.

In his speech, the head of the Kyrgyzstan’s delegation, Bobek Azhikeev, told about the successful implementation of the interstate target program «Reclamation of the territories of states affected by uranium mining», carried out within the CIS.

It is noted that with the support of the European Commission, the EBRD, work has begun in Kyrgyzstan on the remediation of uranium heritage sites within the framework of the Environmental Remediation Account for Central Asia.

Through the IAEA platform, Boobek Azhikeev called on the secretariat to make proposals to resolve a protracted issue — inclusion of the Kyrgyz Republic in the IAEA.

«More than 20 states, including Kyrgyzstan, are still not members of any of the country groups. Due to the lack of membership in the group, we are deprived of the opportunity, the right to be elected to the IAEA bodies, which creates inequality between the members of the agency,» the minister said.

The head of the ministry proposed to solve this issue by using the experience of other UN structures, where each member-state belongs to one or another group. According to him, the repeated statements of various countries on this issue have not yielded results, which negatively affects the authority of the agency. «We call for a comprehensive and broad discussion of this issue and we urge the secretariat to propose a solution to this protracted situation,» the minister stressed.

To date, in close cooperation with the IAEA, a Strategic Master Plan for the Remediation of Uranium Sites in Central Asia has been developed, which is a roadmap for an effective approach to the remediation of these sites.

The International Atomic Energy Agency is an organization for the development of cooperation in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy. Its activities are inextricably linked with nuclear technology and the possibilities of their dual use: both as a weapon and as a practical tool.