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Over 230 streets in Bishkek have no names

At least 237 streets have no names in Bishkek. Elmira Mambetalieva, head of the City Department of State Statistics, reported at a meeting in the city administration following an inventory.

According to her, the largest number of streets without names is in Sverdlovsk district — 122, the least is in Oktyabrsky district of Bishkek — 17.

«The number of streets that do not have signs is 755, the majority of them is in Leninsky district. The same unpleasant picture is with hoses without numbers. There about 32,000 of them. Most of all is in Leninsky district — about 13,000. There is also a high percentage of houses that do not have number plates — about 40,000,» she informed.

Heads of districts noted that unnamed streets and houses without numbers were mainly located in the housing estates of the capital.

«Such problems exist in those hosing estates where land plots were alloacted with violations, and the decisions were subsequently canceled by courts. Such zones are in Ak-Ordo, Ak-Orgo, Archa-Beshik. Fate of 580 residential buildings in HPP-2 area is also unclear. In due time, by the resolution of Leninsky District Administration, the plots were allocated, but geographically they are located in Sokuluk district of Chui region. The same problems exist in Kut housing estate near Manas airport. Geographically, the streets are irrelevant to the city, but for some reason they are assigned to Leninsky district. Streets have no names, and houses — numbers. We sent all the information on the problem areas to Bishkek Main Architecture Department,» said Nurdin Tynaev, head of Leninsky district.

Population census will be held in Kyrgyzstan in 2020. District census departments are created, which, jointly with the State Registration Service and the Bishkek Main Architecture Department, have to specify the names of streets and housing estates, numbers of houses.