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Accession of Kyrgyzstan to EEU has positive impact

Most of the Kyrgyzstanis believe that the accession of the republic to the Eurasian Economic Union with Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia (EEU) had a positive impact. These are the results of a sociological survey, which was commissioned by the International Republican Institute (IRI is a non-profit organization, proclaiming assistance to individual countries in building democracy as its goal) at the end of 2018.

At least 28 percent of the study participants rated the accession of the Kyrgyz Republic to EEU as very positive.  About 45 percent of respondents said that it was quite positive.

Only 2 percent of respondents gave “very negative” answer. Other 6 percent consider the accession of Kyrgyzstan to EEU rather negative. 19 percent of respondents could not answer the question.

A total of 1,500 people over 18 were polled.