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1.9 times less food can be purchased in Bishkek than in Moscow

According to the results of January 2019, Bishkek has the lowest prices for mutton, butter and wheat flour among the capitals of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. The National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan presented such data.

In the first month of 2019, the maximum average consumer price for potatoes ($ 0.43) was registered in Moscow, and the minimum ($ 0.22) — in Bishkek and Astana.

The minimum average consumer prices for mutton ($ 4.11) in January 2019 were registered in Bishkek, for pasteurized milk ($ 0.62) — in Minsk.

In January 2019, the level of average consumer prices for pasteurized milk in Bishkek was higher than in Astana (by 12.3 percent) and Minsk (by 15.1 percent). Beef was more expensive in the capital of Kyrgyzstan by 5.9 and 16.4 percent respectively.

In addition, in January 2019, an average price for bread from first grade flour in Bishkek exceeded its level in Astana by 36.7 percent, and for eggs — by 19.4 percent. At the same time, the average consumer prices for potatoes in Bishkek were equal to prices in Astana.

«A comparative analysis of the purchasing power of an average monthly salary in the capitals of some EEU countries shows that in January 2019 its indicators for all food products in Bishkek lagged behind their levels in other capitals that is caused by the low average wage in the capital of Kyrgyzstan,» the National Statistical Committee summed up.