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How Kyrgyzstanis react to rising prices – survey results

Freedom Finance Global conducted a survey of consumer confidence, inflation and devaluation expectations. The company announced its results to 24.kg news agency.

According to the company, 1,600 residents of the republic show that inflation estimates have decreased significantly compared to the indicators of July and August. The situation is similar with the strong rise in prices over the past year. In September, 60.6 percent of people felt costs were rising faster than before (up from 62.7 percent in August). But inflation expectations, on the contrary, have increased slightly and continue to do so for the second month in a row.

At least 11.6 percent of residents expect a significant increase in prices (compared to 10.3 percent in August) during the month. Other 14.7 percent of respondents think the cost will rise in the coming year.

Kyrgyzstanis are very concerned about the increased price of flour. About 72.8 percent of respondents noted that its price has increased significantly. Vegetable oil (49.7 percent), vegetables and fruits (40.9 percent), sugar and salt (39.2 percent) are still among the leaders.

«Although official statistics do not particularly confirm the increase in the price of flour, several reports about this can be seen in the media. There has been a sharp increase in the price of imported flour from Kazakhstan, but, according to statistics, the average cost remains approximately at 63 soms per kilogram of a premium grade flour,» the company said.