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Courts acquits Bekbolot Talgarbekov of violent seizure of power

The Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan reversed sentence to Bekbolot Talgarbekov convicted for attempt to forcibly seize power. Son of the prisoner Arstan Talgarbekov told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the court acquitted Bekbolot Talgarbekov of forcible seizure of power, but condemned for incitement of inter-regional hatred.

«My father was sentenced to five years in prison. Since he had served most of the time — four years and three months, we will apply for parole. If the court satisfies the petition, he will be released within a month,» Arstan Talgarbekov told.

He noted that the Supreme Court had previously upheld the decisions of previous instances in relation to Toigonbek Kalmatov. The court did not consider the case of Tolubai Kolubaev and Alexander Gusev. Marat Sultanov was also acquitted of forcible seizure of power, but was condemned for incitement of inter-regional hatred.

In May 2016, the State Committee for National Security opened a criminal case against members of People’s Parliament.

Bekbolot Talgarbekov and Tolubai Kolubaev were sentenced to 14 years to be served in a colony with high security regime, Marat Sultanov — to ten years, Toigonbek Kalmatov — to five years (suspended sentence), Alexander Gusev — to six years (suspended sentence).