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Kyrgyzstan spends 43,000 soms on food per prisoner annually

Food for one prisoner costs Kyrgyzstan 43,000 soms annually. The State Penitentiary Service of Kyrgyzstan informed 24.kg news agency.

The state spends 73.2 soms per day on an inmate of a penal institution with general regime. At least 26,652 soms are spent on a convict of a general regime institution for a year.

The state spends 88.32 soms on an inmate of a juvenile prison daily, and 32,236 soms — annually.

At least 118 soms and 72 tyiyns is allocated for a convict kept in a medical institution. This amount reaches 43,333 soms for a year.

At the same time, only 14 soms are allocated for hot meals per school student daily, and 28 soms — per student of a special needs school.