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Kyrgyzstan not to arrest for minor crimes

Law enforcement agencies of Kyrgyzstan will not arrest people who face up to five years in prison. The Prosecutor of the Criminal and Civil Proceedings Department Azizbek Shukurbekov told at the press conference.

According to him, the courts are not entitled to choose for such people a preventive measure in form of detention.

«The minor crimes now belong to the Code of Violations. The law enforcement agencies do not have the right to detain for such violations, and the courts can not choose for them a preventive measure in the form of detention. There are a lot of complaints that people are detained for petty thefts and kept in custody for a long time,» said Azizbek Shukurbekov.

Recall, new Criminal, Criminal Executive, Criminal Procedure Codes, as well as Codes of Misconduct and Violations entered into force in the republic on January 1, 2019.