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Government of Kyrgyzstan fails preparation for judicial reform

The Government of Kyrgyzstan has failed preparation for judicial reform. Deputy of the Parliament Kenzhebek Bokoev said at a joint meeting of two committees of the Parliament (on constitutional legislation, state structure, judicial, legal issues and regulations, and on the rule of law and the fight against crime).

He noted that the preparation for the implementation of the new codes, which were the basis of judicial and legal reform, was not conducted at all.

«It is a mass irresponsibility of the members of the Cabinet. During the years of independence, not a single prime minister, a member of the government, has been prosecuted for failure to comply with this or that law. And once again we see how indifferently the Cabinet of Ministers treated this reform. The bills submitted to the Parliament by the Cabinet were unfinished. This is a big setup for the Parliament, the head of state,» the deputy said.

His colleague Zarylbek Rysaliev demanded to voice the names of those responsible for errors in the codes and their implementation.

Earlier, the Deputy Prime Minister Zhenish Razakov said that all the measures for the implementation of five codes had been fulfilled.

New versions of the Code of Violations, the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code entered into force in the republic on January 1, 2019. The innovations caused a lot of criticism from Kyrgyzstanis, since the documents contain confusion. Officials acknowledged that there were problems and there was a need to correct the codes.