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Baku court sanctions extradition of ex-customs head Adamkul Zhunusov to Bishkek

Judicial authorities of Azerbaijan issued a warrant for the arrest and extradition of the former head of the State Customs Service of Kyrgyzstan, Adamkul Zhunusov. The State Service for Combating Economic Crimes of the Kyrgyz Republic informed 24.kg news agency.

The ex-high-ranking official will be convoyed to Bishkek after completion of procedures.

It became known that Adamkul Zhunusov, after escaping from Kyrgyzstan, was hiding in the USA. In early December, he arrived in Baku, where he was detained by the law enforcement officers at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport upon arrival. The detention was carried out due to the fact that the former head of the Customs was on the international wanted list and the authorities of Azerbaijan had a lookout.

Adamkul Zhunusov was put on the wanted list by the State Service for Combating Economic Crimes in August 2018. He is suspected of abuse of office. He had headed the State Customs Service from 2013 to 2016.

According to financial police, on August 28, Adamkul Zhunusov was put on the wanted list on charges of committing a crime under article 304 (abuse of official position) of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. From 2013 to 2016, while holding the post of the Chairman of the State Customs Service, he organized a steady corruption relationship with representatives of one of the private companies and other officials of the agency.

According to the investigators, Adamkul Zhunusov, using his authority, assisted a company in obtaining permission for processing the customs territory with wrong identification method. The company received customs preferences for payments made to the budget, although the imported goods had to be processed on a general basis. The state suffered material damage in the amount of more than 166 million soms.