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Government decides on candidates for posts of heads of two ministries

Government of Kyrgyzstan has decided on candidates for the posts of ministers of labor and social development, and culture. The press service of the Cabinet informed 24.kg news agency.

The Prime Minister Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev nominated Ulukbek Kochkorov for the post of Minister of Labor and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic. The current head of the Department of Tourism, Azamat Zhamankulov, has been nominated for the post of the head of the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism.

«In case of resignation or dismissal of a member of a government, the Prime Minister proposes a candidate to the President for appointment to a vacant position of a member of a government within five working days from the date of approval of a candidate by the Parliament. The President, within three days from the date of adoption of the relevant resolution of the Parliament, issues a decree appointing a member of the government,» the press service commented.