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MFA asks Chinese Embassy to accelerate issue of visas to Kyrgyz students

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan sent a note to the Chinese Embassy on the issue of visas to students from the Kyrgyz Republic. The press service of the Foreign Affairs Ministry reported.

It is noted that the students entered the universities of China on their own, and now they cannot get visas. They should receive a visa after waiting in an electronic queue, but there are students among them whose studies begin on October 30. Therefore, they need support from the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Representatives of the ministry held talks with the embassy of the PRC.

«An agreement was achieved that the Ministry of Education and Science will send to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs lists of students in groups. After that, the Chinese Embassy will give them «a green corridor». About 1,000 students have already left for China via «the green corridor,» the message says.

Earlier it was reported that about 50 Kyrgyz students could not obtain a visa to China.