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35 new villages may appear in Kyrgyzstan

At least 35 new villages may appear in Kyrgyzstan. The State Agency for Local Self-Government and Inter-Ethnic Relations submitted for public discussion a document on granting the status of villages to a number of settlements in Batken, Naryn, Osh, Jalal-Abad and Talas regions.

Background statement says that the settlements meet all the criteria for granting them the status of a village, provided for by the law on the administrative and territorial structure of Kyrgyzstan.

Its article 1 states that «ayil (village) is a settlement that has reached a certain level of development with a population of at least 50 people a half of whom are employed in agricultural production.»

When granting the status of a village, an additional staffing position of ayil bashchysy (head of the village) is introduced in these settlements. All the necessary costs are covered by the local budget.