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Specialized fund for compensation to affected persons proposed in Kyrgyzstan

It is proposed to create a specialized fund for compensation to the affected persons in Kyrgyzstan. The Ministry of Internal Affairs submitted the draft law for public discussion.

Background statement notes that the document determines the legal and organizational basis aimed at ensuring compensation for damage.

The Criminal Procedure Code provides for the right of an affected person to receive compensation for damage at the expense of the state if it is not reimbursed by the convicted person, since not only the offender, but also the state, which did not provide security for the citizens, is also guilty of the crime committed.

The ministry notes that most of the foreign countries have created state funds that compensate for the harm caused to the life and health of their citizens. It is also necessary to create a similar system in Kyrgyzstan.

It is assumed that the fund will be formed at the expense of the republican budget and will be under the Ministry of Finance. The procedure for the compensation of material damage and moral damage to the affected persons is planned to be determined based on the completed criminal cases and a court decision.

It is offered to pay compensations only to victims of violent crimes.