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Insurance of migrants to solve many problems of compatriots abroad

Insurance of labor migrants will solve many problems of the compatriots abroad. It was stated at the round table discussion «Our labor migrants — real investors in the new economy of Kyrgyzstan,» held in 24.kg news agency.

Representatives of the diasporas in the Russian Federation noted the need to insure those traveling abroad.

«We tried to organize medical insurance for migrants in Russia. We visited several companies, but their conditions did not suit us. It would be good if the government provided support in this direction. Medical and other insurance is primarily in the interests of the migrant,» told labor migrant Tolkunbai Akmatov.

According to the Chairman of Zamandash party Zhenish Moldokmatov, one can open a state insurance company.

«Each migrant comes home once a year. The cost of insurance may be included in the ticket price as a part of the contract with an airline. Hence, within a year we will be able to insure 70-80 percent of the workers abroad. This will bring huge revenues. The government will solve many problems, including compensation for cargo 200,» Zhenish Moldokmatov suggested.