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President of Kyrgyzstan urged to toughen punishment for bride kidnapping

The President of Kyrgyzstan was asked to toughen the criminal punishment for kidnapping of brides and forcing them to marry. A public figure and TV presenter Assol Moldokmatova told at a news conference that she sent a letter to the head of state.

She noted: the public of Kyrgyzstan was shocked by the tragedy with Burulai, who was killed in the building of Zhaiyl police station.

This egregious case showed that the law does not protect the women in Kyrgyzstan. It’s time to take drastic measures to change the situation radically.

Assol Moldokmatova

«The practice of bride kidnapping and forced marriages is a relic of the past. But tomorrow it can touch our sisters and daughters,» she noted.

In her opinion, it is necessary to strengthen the family institute, where the respect for the mother, sister, daughter should be a priority.

«It is outrageous that in our Kyrgyz families most of the women silence down the problems that have been mounting up for years. They are afraid of what their relatives, neighbors, will say. Women, who tolerate tyranny, violence at home, is a usual picture for Kyrgyzstan,» she noted.

On Saturday, June 9, a protest «We are for women’s rights» will be held. Its participants will tie white ribbons.

«Our protest started a few days ago. It is expressed primarily in the stories, revelations of victims of violence and ala kachuu (bride kidnapping) in social networks. The girls tell that even after many years they have not found happiness. Someone tried to commit suicide, someone opposed feudal remnants, but their lives were ruined. They struggle with their memories alone,» she said.

The organizers of the campaign explained the choice of symbols. According to them, white color symbolizes the purity and defenselessness of women in Kyrgyzstan.

Recall, a 30-year-old man attempted to kidnap a 19-year-old graduate of medical college Burulai on May 27. Her parents appealed to the police with a statement. On the same day, the girl and the man were taken to a police station. The man stabbed Burulai Turdaliyeva several times and tried to commit suicide. The girl died. The man is in the hospital. A criminal case was opened.

Nine days after the incident, the country’s leadership drew attention to the problem. President Sooronbai Jeenbekov demanded to punish the guilty, and the Prime Minister Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev — fundamentally change the attitude to the bride kidnapping. Interior Minister Kashkar Dzhunushaliev admitted the guilt of the police employees in the murder of 19-year-old Burulai.

At least 23 law enforcement officers were punished up to dismissal.