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Osh city authorities reduce cost of amusements on Children’s Day

Osh city marks the International Child Protection Day today. The municipal authorities have found the opportunity to reduce the cost of amusements in the recreation areas of the southern capital.

Today, amusement rides for children under 14 work with 50% discount in the park named after A. Navoi from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.

In the park named after A. Datka, the children drew pictures on friendship and peace topic. Paints, brushes and paper for drawing were provided by the city administration, and easels, master classes of teachers were organized by the art school named after G. Aytiev.

Craftsmanship works are also presented there. The teacher Rustam Ibragimov teaches children how to build ships and helicopters from materials at hand. The twin brothers Khasanboi and Khusanbai told that it takes two weeks to make a ship.