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Excise tax on electronic cigarettes proposed in Kyrgyzstan

Introduction of an excise tax on electronic cigarettes is proposed in Kyrgyzstan. The deputy of the Parliament, Azamat Arapbaev, made such an initiative.

He told 24.kg news agency that the cigarettes are subject to excise tax in Kyrgyzstan. However, no one controls the consumption and import of electronic cigarettes, smoking mixtures and liquids, although they are in high demand. Moreover, the introduction of excise will replenishing the budget.

It is proposed to introduce new categories of excisable goods into the Tax Code and to set excise rates for nicotine-containing liquids and products with heated tobacco, similar to rates for other tobacco products from 2020.

If the amendments are supported, then from January 1 to December 31, 2021, the tax per milliliter of nicotine-containing liquid for electronic cigarettes will be 1.25 soms. From 2022, it will be increased to 1.5 soms.