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Kyrgyzstan sets new excise duty rates on tobacco products since January 2021

New rates of excise tax on tobacco have been set in Kyrgyzstan since January 2021. The State Tax Service reported.

The rates are increased every year to protect the health of citizens of the country from the harmful effects of tobacco, as well as to harmonize excise rates within the Eurasian Economic Union.

The excise rate on filtered cigarettes, unfiltered cigarettes and cigarettes has been increased from 1,750 soms to 2,000 soms per 1,000 pieces; this sum will increase by 250 soms from January 1, 2022.

The excise tax on cigarillos per 1,000 pieces this year will be 1,400 soms instead of 1,220 soms in 2020, from 2022 — 1,610 soms.

The excise rate per cigar increased by 25 soms compared to last year, and amounted to 175 soms. In 2022, it will increase by other 25 soms.

The amount of tax per 1 kilogram of tobacco and heated tobacco products in 2021 reached 700 soms, increasing by 90 soms compared to last year, and it will increase to 800 soms from January 1, 2022.

The excise tax on 1 milliliter of nicotine-containing liquid for electronic cigarettes was increased from 1 som to 1.25 soms. The amount will reach 1.5 soms from January 1, 2022.