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Bishkek residents indignant at cruelty to animals

A campaign to protect animals from cruel treatment was held today in Bishkek.

Activists gathered near the building of the Bishkek City Administration with placards and an appeal to stop violence against animals. Participants, on the one hand, are outraged by the actions of the animal abusers, on the other — by daily shooting of homeless animals by the workers of Tazalyk municipal enterprise.

«We have information that in 2016 the Bishkek City Administration issued an order to introduce a humane method of combating stray animals. But dogs are still being shot. We do not agree with the methods of Tazalyk. We believe that they do not solve the problem and the funds from the state budget are spent irrationally,» the activists noted. «A dog or cat that is wandering along the street has not fallen from the sky, but was a pet before. Therefore, we ask citizens to be more conscious and not to throw out animals. We call the city administration to completely ban the shooting of animals.»

Activists propose spaying to control the number of stray animals in the country.

«It is done once in the life of an animal. It will not be necessary to spend millions every year on useless and inhuman shooting. At the same time, control over the price of spaying in veterinary clinics is necessary,» they told.

In addition, according to activists, educational institutions need to introduce lessons of kindness and inform about humane treatment of animals and bring to justice for the inhumane.

It is necessary to introduce passporting of owned animals and create an electronic database of all unproductive animals living in the Kyrgyz Republic. Organizations and volunteers caring for homeless animals need to be assisted with shelter facilities.

Participants of the campaign