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Installation of video cameras within Smart City project starts in Bishkek

CCTV cameras are installed in the capital. They will work in test mode so far. In the near future, they may become a component of the long-suffering Smart City project.

Video recording system works at four intersections: along Baitik Baatyr Street — at the intersection with Gorky, Akhunbaev and Tokombayev Streets, at the intersection of Ibraimov and Frunze Streets.

Not only standard CCTV systems were installed on Gorky Street, but also fish-eye cameras with 360-degree view angle. They allow to get a picture of the overall situation in the territory, rather than a limited area, like a fixed camera.

Another intersection also has cameras. They are installed on Baitik Baatyr Street and are focused on the intersection. There is always a heavy traffic movement, «complex» traffic light with additional sections, allowing the turn to the left or to the right.

According to traffic light specialist Maksat Kylyazov, the cameras of the Russian company are installed, they are working in the pilot mode.

Not only the cameras, but also a radar will appear on the South highway. Specialists from the Specialized Installation and Operational Management Department of the Road Safety Department were engaged in their installation today — they laid a cable.

«The deadline is three months. If the project of the Russian company is approved, then such types of the video system will be installed further. There will be a camera and a radar. But in general, violations of the speed limit will be recorded here,» Maksat Kylyazov told.

Recording of violations system works in full only on Ibraimov / Frunze Streets. Cameras for five days recorded 7,000 traffic rules violations there.

Recall, in March 2018, the government of Kyrgyzstan decided to implement Smart City project on its own with the support of international donors and the business sector. Before that, it was planned to do this with the help of the investors — the Chinese company Huawei. However, the Kyrgyz government withdrew from the agreement.

The authorities of Kyrgyzstan have been trying to make Bishkek and Osh safe cities since 2012. But all their attempts are accompanied by scandals and investigations.

As the government plans, the video cameras will start working at all four pilot intersections on April 12.