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7,000 schoolchildren to be examined in Kyrgyzstan

About 7,000 children at the age of seven attending schools will be examined in Kyrgyzstan. Baktygul Ismailova, the head of the Public Health Department announced today at a press conference.

According to her, this will allow to assess the physical development and growth of primary school children, to clarify the prevalence of insufficient or excessive body weight among children, and to coordinate actions in promoting healthy nutrition and prevention of non-communicable diseases.

Rational nutrition ensures normal growth and development in physiological and mental terms, contributes to reducing child mortality, prevention of diseases, prolonging the quality of life and increasing efficiency.

Baktygul Ismailova

It was noted that Kyrgyzstan, like 46 countries, joins the WHO European initiative to assess the physical development and growth of a child at the age of seven. Such a study will be conducted for the first time in 150 schools in the country.