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Collapse in pharmaceuticals market forecasted in Kyrgyzstan

Collapse in the pharmaceuticals market is forecasted in Kyrgyzstan. Aybar Sultangaziyev, Executive Director of Partner Network Association told at the offsite press conference of 24.kg news agency.

According to him, on February 15, the new Law On the Circulation of Medicines will come into force, but most of the bylaws have not even been submitted to the government for consideration. «It will take 4-5 months, it will be a collapse. The old law will not work, but there are no standards for the new one. UNDP will not be able to import TB drugs — it will not be able to cross the border elementary, and business will not register medicines. I do not know, which pharm mafia is interested in this all happening,» Aybar Sultangaziyev said.

The government had six months to approve all these regulatory acts, but nothing has been done.

«We checked the statement of the Minister of Health Talantbek Batyraliev about the pharmaceutical mafia, what kind of mafia is it, where it sits and what does it profit from, and they found out that procurement problems persist both in medical institutions and in the Ministry of Health. The country can not buy a lot of drugs, because they simply do not exist on the market, we can not buy them on the foreign market, since they are not registered in the Kyrgyz Republic. And monopolists dictate the prices,» he added.

At the same time, Aybar Sultangaziyev admitted that there was some reduction in prices, for example, for patients with transplanted organs. «One of the necessary drugs fell in price from 10,500 soms to 4,400. I think this is thanks to our monitoring,» he said.

An expert from the government department Anara Eshkhodzhaeva stressed that the problem with medicines is on the agenda in the republic from year to year, but «the drug policy is a painful issue throughout the world.»