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Slowdown in economic growth in Kyrgyzstan to continue

«In the coming months, the slowdown in economic growth will continue,» the monthly macroeconomic review of the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) says.

It is noted that GDP growth in Kyrgyzstan in January-February amounted to 2.7 percent (a year earlier — 4.4 percent). The high productivity at Kumtor mine caused a higher level of growth last year. If in January-February 2017 the volume of gold produced increased by 22.4 percent, then a decrease of 2.6 percent was registered in 2018.

«The prerequisites for slowing down the economic growth are a decrease in production at Kumtor mine and a slight decrease in the volume of newly issued loans, which was observed in the first months of 2018. Taking into account that the budget deficit for 2018 is planned at 3.8 percent of GDP, we should expect an acceleration in the growth of public spending in the following months,» the experts predict.