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Chui region residents again demand land transformation

Residents of the newly built residential areas of Alamudun and Sokuluk districts of Chui region hold a rally in front of the parliament building. They demand to transform and legalize their land plots.

According to the participants, the government excluded their land from the draft law on land transformation. They demand to return their plots into this list.

«We demand equal transformation of all land in Kyrgyzstan. There are no documents for 46,000 houses. Most of them are in Alamudun and Sokuluk districts,» the rally participants told.

Recall, on January 22, members of Transformation NGO held a rally at the government building.

In June 2017, the Parliament adopted in the third reading amendments to the laws On a moratorium on the transfer (transformation) of irrigated arable land into other categories of land and types of land and On the transfer (transformation) of land.

In August of the same year, Almazbek Atambayev, being the president, did not sign the document and returned it to the Parliament with objections. He vetoed four points. In particular, he considered that the document unreasonably expands the range of land plots that are not covered by the Law On a moratorium on the transfer (transformation) of irrigated arable lands into other categories of land and types of land.