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Prime Minister instructs urgently to solve problems of Osh city

The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sapar Isakov held a meeting to discuss the prospective plans for development of Osh city and instructed urgently to solve the problems of the southern capital. Press service of the government reported.

The Mayor of Osh Aitmamat Kadyrbaev presented information on the structure of the regional gross product, the volume of attracted investments, the implementation of the local budget for 2017 and the main social and economic indicators.

The Mayor in detail told about problems of the city:

  • Construction and reconstruction of roads;
  • Modernization of idle enterprises and the heating and power plant;
  • Improvement of the sanitary situation;
  • Completion of unfinished buildings of social facilities;
  • Construction of a dam to ensure access of citizens to clean drinking water;
  • Reconstruction of irrigation facilities.

The Prime Minister stressed that for a short period of time the City Administration of Osh managed to achieve significant results in the improvement of city’s infrastructure.

Osh is an example for many cities of the republic. We see positive changes in the life of citizens. It is necessary to continue working on improving their welfare.

Sapar Isakov

Following the results of the meeting, the head of government instructed to take promptly necessary measures to address the problems voiced, in particular, consider the possibility of attracting donor assistance. In addition, he instructed to develop a detailed plan of measures to implement the prospective Osh development plans.

«In connection with the launch of Smart City project in the near future, the Ministry of Transport and Roads, together with the City Administration, was tasked with prompt carrying out of works on the reconstruction of the city’s internal roads and improvement of roadside infrastructure. The City Administration was instructed to pay special attention to the improvement of street lighting systems under a single standard of the State Agency for Architecture, Construction, Housing and Communal Services,» the report said.