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Number of ethnic Kyrgyz moved to Kyrgyzstan can reach 150,000

According to expert estimates, the number of ethnic Kyrgyz who have moved to Kyrgyzstan can range from 120,000 to 150,000 people. Draft Concept of the State Migration Policy until 2040 says.

It is noted that the largest diasporas are present in Russia, Uzbekistan, China, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

The Pamir Kyrgyz, who live in a small group in Afghanistan, should be attributed to a special category of returnees.

The number of returnees at the end of 2015 in the republic amounted to 37,454 people, 19,700 of whom — from Uzbekistan, 17,400 — from Tajikistan, 71 — from the People’s Republic of China, 36 — from Russia and 29 — from other countries.

In 2016, the status of returnees was given to 1,023 ethnic Kyrgyz who arrived in Kyrgyzstan for permanent residence, 560 returnees certificates were renewed.

Ethnic Kyrgyz, returning to their historical homeland, live predominantly in Chui, Jalal-Abad and Osh regions and are engaged in unskilled labor (working in markets, at construction sites, engaged in farming).