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Difference between manual and electronic vote counting in election - negligible

The difference between manual and electronic vote counting is negligible. The Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission Abdyzhapar Bekmatov informed 24.kg news agency.

«After sending preliminary data from automatic reading devices, all polling stations carried out manual counting and drew up protocols. At present, they are delivered to territorial commissions, where the summary tables are compiled. After that, the protocols will be delivered to the Central Election Commission for summing up official results. According to the law, the CEC must announce the results within 20 days,» he explained.

«Currently, there are no data from polling stations abroad, as well as from nine remote, inaccessible regions of Kyrgyzstan. But the number of voters there is so minimal that it will not even affect the results,» Abdyzhapar Bekmatov stressed.

According to the Central Election Commission, in total there are 3,025,000 voters registered in the republic. At least 1,692,000 of them have voted, which is 55.93 percent.