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Scandal with Liglass Trading. No negotiations to take place

The Kyrgyz government still unilaterally terminated the agreement on the construction of a hydropower station signed earlier with Liglass Trading. Executive office of the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan reported.

It was noted that the Prime Minister Sapar Isakov on October 10 signed a government decree on the unilateral termination of the previously signed agreement with Liglass Trading on the construction of hydropower station.

Earlier, the Czech investor on its website reported that it had begun negotiations with the Kyrgyz government to resolve contentious issues.

According to the government, on October 5, at the request of the management of Liglass Trading, a meeting with representatives of the Czech company was held at the State Committee for Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use of the Kyrgyz Republic. During the meeting, the company’s representatives were informed that due to the failure of the Czech side to fulfill its obligations under the concluded agreements on the construction of hydropower stations, the Kyrgyz side would unilaterally terminate the investment agreement.

«It should be noted that the meeting was held in accordance with the requirements of the agreement on the construction of the Upper Naryn cascade of HPPs, which provides for negotiations to resolve disputes within three months. During the meeting, representatives of Liglass Trading presented their proposals for resolving disputes. Proposals for the Kyrgyz side turned out to be unacceptable, since the proposed options for resolving the current situation are not provided by the terms of previously concluded agreements,» the government’s executive office said.