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Boeing crash. Turkish side transfers all money to Kyrgyzstanis

The results of the work of the governmental commission and the Interdepartmental Working Group on rendering assistance to the victims and families of those killed in the crash of the cargo aircraft Boeing 747, owned by the Turkish company ACT Airlines, on January 16, 2017 in the territory of Dachi SU residential community have been summed up.

First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, Mukhammetkaliy Abulgaziev, said that 135 peace agreements were signed, under which all the affected citizens and relatives of the victims received compensation from the Turkish side.

Amounts of compensation were coordinated with the victims. Up to date, all the funds have been transferred by the Turkish side in full. At the request of the victims themselves, for ethical reasons and for security reasons, it was decided to refrain from voicing specific compensation amounts.

As for the children who became orphans and half-orphans, cash was placed on deposit accounts in national and foreign currency, which will be available for withdrawal upon reaching the age of 18.

Issues related to commemoration of those killed at the site of the tragedy and the creation of memorial have been also discussed, for the building of which all the necessary financial resources will be allocated.

Recall, 35 citizens of Kyrgyzstan and 4 crew members — citizens of Turkey- were killed, several dozens of houses were destroyed as a result of Boeing 747 crash. In addition, one Kyrgyz citizen, assisting the victims, died of natural reasons as a result of the plane crash.