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Sapar Isakov believes: cost of schools construction in Uzgen district overstated

The cost of building of schools in Uzgen district is overstated, the Prime Minister Sapar Isakov said when getting acquainted with the social objects of the district. Information Support Department of the government of the Kyrgyz Republic informed.

According to it, the Prime Minister instructed in a week to deal with the targeted use of allocated funds for the construction of the school and calculations in the preparation of design estimates in Ak-Terek village of Uzgen district.

Construction of the facility started in 2016. The work is almost completed. 45 million out of planned 66 million soms have been allocated for construction.

The Prime Minister drew attention to the initially overstated cost of construction, since estimates for the construction of similar schools in neighboring areas are much lower.

Then, the head of government got acquainted with the project of building a two-storey secondary school in Korbu-Tash village, Uzgen district, for 50 million soms.

«The cost is definitely overstated. It is necessary to revise the design and budget documentation. During construction, special attention should be paid to the quality of the works performed and the improvement of the adjacent territory, since the school is located in the area where clay predominates in the soil. In case of precipitation, this will create great inconvenience for students,» he stressed.