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KR is 4th among countries of former USSR in terms of Migrant Acceptance Index

Kyrgyzstan is in fourth place with a result of 4.59 among the post-Soviet countries in terms of the Migrant Acceptance Index, foreign media with reference to the International Sociological Service Gallup reported.

It is noted that the best among the countries of the former USSR to migrants treats Armenia — its index exceeds the world average and is 5.78 points, and worse — in the Baltic countries.

According to information, in 138 countries around the world, respondents were asked to express their attitude to three situations:

a) immigrants live in your country;

b) an immigrant becomes your neighbor;

c) an immigrant marries your close relative.

Variants of the answer: «this is good» (3 points), «this is bad» (0 points), «it depends...» (1 point), «I don’t know / no answer» (1 point). So, if all respondents in one country answered all the questions «this is good», the country would get the maximum index of acceptance of migrants — 9 points.

After Armenia, the second place from the former Soviet republics was occupied by Turkmenistan with an index of 5.36, and Uzbekistan is closing with the index 4.9.

Next come Kyrgyzstan — 4.59, Azerbaijan — 4.34, Kazakhstan — 4.28, Moldova — 3.8, Belarus — 3.38, Ukraine — 3.15, Georgia — 3.05, Russia — 2.6 points .

According to the research, the index of Lithuania is 2.72 points. On the second place Estonia — 2.37, on the third Latvia — 2.04.

In the world ranking, Iceland (8.26), New Zealand (8.25) and Rwanda (8.16) are leading.

«The most hostile towards migrants is Macedonia (1.47), Montenegro (1.63) and Hungary (1.69),» the report said.