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Kyrgyzstan improves its position in Global Peace Index

Kyrgyzstan took 111th place in the Global Peace Index 2017, published by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

According to experts, who studied the situation in 163 countries, the overall index of Kyrgyzstan in 2017 comprised 2,216 points. Compared with last year, the country's position improved, rising from 124th place (2,297 points).

As for the countries of Central Asia, Kazakhstan ranked 72nd (1,992 points), Turkmenistan — 119th (2.27), Uzbekistan — 101st (2.132), Tajikistan — 118th (2.263 points). All countries of the region were included in the category of countries with medium peace level.

Russia ranks 151st in the rating (3.047 points), Ukraine is at the 154th place — 3.184 points.

The most peaceful country remains Iceland.

The top 10 includes New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Canada, Switzerland, as well as Ireland and Japan, which share the 10th place.

Most countries in Eurasia improved their positions in the rating of 2017. As for the countries of Eurasia, Kyrgyzstan occupies 6th place among them. The first is Moldova, the second — Kazakhstan, followed by Georgia, Uzbekistan and Belarus.

The worst position in the ranking is taken by Syria (163rd place).

Along with it, the list is closed by Afghanistan (162nd), Iraq (161st), South Sudan (160th), Yemen (159th) and Somalia (158th).

The results of the 2017 rating show that the global level of peace has slightly improved this year by 0.28 percent.