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Crime rate in Kyrgyzstan – highest in Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan is the leader in the level of organized crime among the countries of the Central Asian region. This is evidenced by the data of the rating compiled by the experts of the World Economic Forum, which is provided by REGNUM.

According to the rating, Kyrgyzstan took 102nd place out of 137.

The situation in Tajikistan and Kazakhstan turned out to be better — these countries are located in the middle of the list, occupying 61st and 63rd positions respectively. Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan were not included in the rating because of their closeness.

Among the republics of the former USSR, the lowest indicator of organized crime was recorded in Estonia, which the authors of the rating placed on the 10th position. Then goes Latvia — 33rd place, Lithuania — 34th, Georgia — 38th, Azerbaijan — 43rd, Armenia — 62nd, Russia — 86th and Moldova — 94th.

The most criminalized in the post-Soviet space is Ukraine, it got the 113th place of the rating.

The lowest level of organized crime, according to analysts of the World Economic Forum, is in Finland, Norway, Oman, Iceland and Singapore.

In the group of countries with the highest rates of organized crime are Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela, Mexico and Guatemala.