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EUR 98.42
RUB 1.22

Bishkek – one of cheapest cities for expatriates in world

Bishkek is recognized as one of the cheapest cities in the world for working abroad. According to the rating by the international consulting company in the field of human resources Mercer for 2017, the capital of Kyrgyzstan takes 208th place out of 209.

As it is noted, the most expensive city in the world for foreign specialists (taking into account the cost of goods and security) is the capital of Angola — Luanda. The top 10 of the most expensive cities also include Hong Kong (2nd place), Tokyo, Zurich, Singapore, Seoul, Geneva, Shanghai, New York and Bern.

As a result of local currencies depreciating against the US dollar, some cities in Eastern and Central Europe, including Prague (132) and Budapest (176) fell in the ranking, while Minsk (200) and Kiev (163) jumped four and thirteen spots, respectively, despite stable accommodations in these locations.

The cheapest cities for expatriates, except Bishkek, are Skopje (207) and Tunis (209th place).