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Kyrgyzstan proposes to introduce state control system over alcohol turnover

Kyrgyzstan proposed to introduce Single State System for Control over Turnover and Production of Ethyl Alcohol and Alcohol Products. MPs made such an initiative.

As Gulshat Asylbayeva noted, such a system will allow conducting an effective fight against counterfeit goods and increasing revenues to the budget. Deputy recalled that now no one knows exactly how many entrepreneurs are employed in the alcohol industry. The introduction of the system and the installation of equipment that allows tracing the whole chain from production to the sale of alcohol can solve the problem.

Another deputy, Ekmat Baybakpaev was outraged at the opinion of the Tax Service that it was too early to introduce the system due to lack of funds for the project.

Why does the government resist so much when we propose to increase revenues to the budget? We need to introduce a similar system for both beer and juice, and then there will be an increase in revenues.

Ekmat Baybakpaev

After long discussions, the deputies supported the bill and sent it to the chamber for consideration in the second reading.