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Toktogul water reservoir to be full by August 2017

According to preliminary data of Kyrgyzhydromet, the inflow in 2017 will amount to 124 percent. In July-August, the volume of Toktogul reservoir will reach the design mark of 19.5 billion cubic meters.

According to Electric Stations JSC, it is planned to export electricity. During the heating period of 2017–2018, the Bishkek Heating and Power Plant will operate only according to the heating schedule.

At this time, two new units of the heating plant will be put into operation. The electrical load during the operation of these units in the forthcoming autumn-winter season will be 200 MW, and the thermal energy — 200 Gcal / h.

Bishkek’s thermal energy demand in autumn-winter season is 550–600 Gcal / h. To cover the missing 350–400 Gcal / h, it is necessary to switch on the old equipment. Thus, the generation of electricity will be 320 MW.

To reduce the cost of fuel, the boilers will work using Shubarkul coal without the use of natural gas or fuel oil.

If they are switched to local coal, it is necessary to additionally burn natural gas or heating oil for stable operation and carrying the given loads. At least 120,000 cubic meters of gas are required per thousand tons of Kara-Keche coal.