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Journalist Grigory Mikhailov deported from Kyrgyzstan

Employees of the 10th Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan brought journalist Grigory Mikhailov outside the country (to Kazakhstan) without the right to return entry. REGNUM reported.

The agency cited the journalist himself: a policeman in the rank of colonel and two people in civilian clothes detained him on a street under the pretext of checking documents. The check found out that Grigory Mikhailov’s registration documents have expired.

Such a violation involves payment of a fine of 10,000 soms. However, Mikhailov was explained that due to changes in regulations, the duty of the police in revealing such violations is to escort the citizens to a border checkpoint to re-enter the country and update registration.

Grigory Mikhailov is a Russian citizen however he permanently resides in Kyrgyzstan. He is known for his analytical publications on political topics.