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Bishkek City Hall approves concept for development of transport infrastructure

The Bishkek City Hall approved a concept for development of road and transport infrastructure and reduction of congestion in the city.

It is noted that large-scale projects are planned on the construction of bridges and new roads, organization of one-way traffic and hourly parking, and an increase in parking spaces.

The City Hall assures that it will actively develop the introduction of an automated traffic control system.

When implementing the new concept in 2024-2030, it is planned:

  • To reduce the number of passenger cars in the city center by up to 20 percent;
  • To reduce traffic congestion by 30 percent;
  • To increase vehicle throughput at intersections by 30 percent;
  • To increase the average operating speed of traffic flow by 30 percent;
  • To increase free space on the road network to 35-40 percent;
  • To increase the average operating speed of buses on the route by 30-40 percent;
  • To achieve regular bus service and reduce intervals between the vehicles on the routes by up to 80 percent;
  • To fully cover the city by public transport;
  • To achieve use of public transport of up to 60-70 percent (daily passenger flow — 700,000-900,000 trips);
  • To reduce the negative impact of public transport on the environment by 50 percent;
  • To extensively develop cycling infrastructure.

Officials want to reduce traffic congestion in the capital to avoid transport collapse.