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Kyrgyzstan included in Global Soft Power Index for the first time

Brand Finance included Kyrgyzstan in its Global Soft Power Index 2024 for the first time.

The republic scored 29 points and takes the 148th place in the ranking.

The Global Soft Power Index measures a country’s ability to influence the international community through persuasion and attractiveness rather than coercion (hard power). In other words, soft power is the level of a state’s positive reputation in the international arena, which shapes the desire of other countries to voluntarily build partnerships with this state.

The index was compiled based on a survey of more than 170,000 people from different countries to assess the world’s perception of 193 countries. Each country was assessed based on 55 different indicators, including business and trade, media and communication, culture and heritage, education and science, people and values, international relations, governance, sustainable future, influence and reputation.

Kyrgyzstan has the following scores in the index:

The USA takes first place in the ranking. The second and third places are taken by Great Britain and China, respectively. Russia is in 16th place, Ukraine is in 44th. Belarus takes 87th place in the ranking.

Tajikistan is in 145th place, Uzbekistan — 101st, and Kazakhstan is in 80th place.

Kyrgyzstan is not the only newcomer in the Global Soft Power Index 2024. Belarus, Moldova, Mongolia and Tajikistan were also included in it for the first time this year.