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Kyrgyzstan takes 126th place in Environmental Performance Index

Kyrgyzstan takes only the 126th place out of 180 in the ranking of countries based on their environmental performance in 2022. The Environmental Performance Index website reports.

Denmark takes the first place in the index. The top ten countries with the highest environmental performance also include the UK, Finland, Malta, Sweden, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and Iceland.

Kyrgyzstan scored only 35.7 points, which is two times lower than the leader of the ranking.

As for the neighbors and partners in the EAEU, Belarus (55th place), Armenia (56th place) and Kazakhstan (93rd place) have the best results. Uzbekistan takes the 107th place in the index, Russia — 112th place, Tajikistan — 117th place and Turkmenistan — 118th place. India takes the last place in the ranking with 18.9 points.

The ranking is compiled annually by the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy. The Environmental Performance Index measures a country’s achievements in terms of the state of ecology and natural resource management based on 22 indicators in 10 categories that reflect various aspects of the state of the natural environment and the viability of its ecological systems, biodiversity conservation, climate change, public health, economic activity practice and the degree of its impact on the environment, as well as the effectiveness of state policy in the field of ecology.